The bridalcouple

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Height: Approx. 9 inches, 23 cm

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The bridal couple, is my interpretation of the famous rock carving from the world heritage site at Vitlycke Sweden.
These rock carvings are ca 3000 years old. the statue is believed to represent a marriage ritual from the Bronze Age.

What we can see from this is the classical  sword scabbard hanging down from the man and a likewise classical hair braid on the woman and off course the much enlarged calves and the big thing in the middle, these attributes are very common on the many thousands off human figures from the Bronze Age.

One detail that i rely think is special is the rope around their legs something that was still alive in the iron age and in some Slavic country’s today the marriage bond, mabe a forerunner to the wedding ring.

In the area of Vitlycke there are 7 more motifs like this one.
perfect for a unique wedding gift.

height 23cm 9inches.
weight 400 grams.

this magnificent ritual item is handmade in Sweden casted with acrylic resin and painted in different layers to mimic aged bronze. Variation in  color may occur because they are all hand painted.
the statues are waterproof and non toxic so you can safely polish your mead on the statue.

The design and creation is my own.

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Weight 400 g
Dimensions 135 × 7 × 24 cm


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