Odin statue for ritual use.

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Odin statue for ritual use

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This Odin statue is often used world wide for the monthly Odin ritual *Odin World Prayer Day* 9th each month 21:00.

The two horns is a feature very common in historical findings either depicting the all-father him self or warriors related to him  unknown purpose they most often end with birds heads Ravens or Eagles both strongly related to him.

The Runes at the base is his most ancient name Wodanaz  meaning more or less breath

this magnificent ritual item is handmade in Sweden casted with acrylic resin and painted in different layers to mimic aged bronze. Variation in  color may occur because they are all hand painted.
the statues are waterproof and non toxic so you can safely polish your mead on the statue.

The design and creation is my own.

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Weight 325 g
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 27 cm


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