Sutton Hoo package.

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To really make these cool wall decorations justice you need them both hanging besides each other plus you save some money isn’t that just perfect.

Here i have enlarged a part of the famous Sutton Hoo helmet. Some of the helmets from the Vendel era both in Scandinavia and abroad like the fantastic grave find in Sutton Hoo England were made off small rectangular bronze pieces and some off them have figures and other motifs.

This first piece shows two so called dancing warriors the ” horns ” on their helmets shows that they are Odinic warriors. Its quiet amazing that we can see what clothes they had and weapon of choice.

The really cool thing with this second  plaque is the little man standing on the horses back holding on to the spear, no i don,t think this is a early representation of child soldiers its most probably whats called a Fylgia in Nores religion a spirit helper this one clearly helps trowing the warriors spear.

this magnificent ritual item is handmade in Sweden casted with acrylic resin and painted in different layers to mimic aged bronze. Variation in  color may occur because they are all hand painted.
the statues are waterproof and non toxic so you can safely polish your mead on the statue.On the back you will find a loop for wall hanging.

The design and creation is my own.

Additional information

Weight 360 g
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 17 cm


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