The way of Wotan.

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This book is about how our ancestor’s saw the complex thing called soul. It’s a personal journey through our spiritual path with rituals and meditations described.

For all those who seek a deeper understanding of themselves and of our native religious beliefs.

I first wrote this book in Swedish 2020 I got plenty of inquiries for a English translation so in 2023 I finally got the job done.

The book comes with the authors autograph and if wished for a dedication.

Foreword by Stephen McNallen after word by Freya Aswyn.

Said about the book:

This is an extraordinary work, written by a Native Swede. It is a deeply esoteric, metaphysical work. Offering a detailed analysis of the various soul parts and their interactions. I was especially impressed by his instruction to connect with your Fylgja. Ostensibly simple meditations, even I can do them, creating a genuine result in consciousness shift.

For Asatruar who are ready to explore the occult mysteries I highly recommend this book. It is a sort of guide offering workable techniques into the deeper occult side of the Nordic mysteries.

– Freya Aswynn
Writer and Musician


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